Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed

You will almost certainly be feeling shocked and upset after finding out you are HIV positive. We know this and are here to support you, giving you the time and information you need.

Being diagnosed with HIV can be extremely distressing, and feelings of anxiety or depression are common. Your HIV clinic can provide you with counselling, or give you details about specialist helplines and support groups so that you can fully discuss your condition and your concerns.

Following your diagnosis you will be introduced to a clinical nurse specialist. You may also be offered support from our positive support partners. You will be given lots of information including clinic times, support and what to do if you are unwell and will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss any issues that you have on your mind.  

A Consultant will arrange blood tests to look at what effect HIV is having on your immune system and will discuss with you treatment options. 

You will also need to think about who you want to tell about your HIV status (called disclosure) and about changes to your lifestyle that can protect your health and that of others.

You don’t have to tell past sexual partners about your positive test, but it is strongly advised that you do so they can also get tested. Staff at the clinic can contact them for you without revealing your name, if you prefer.

You can find out about coping with a positive HIV test on the NHS Choices website.


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