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Hull and East Yorkshire

Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY) Hospital NHS Trust provide HIV services in Hull and East Yorkshire. City Healthcare Partnership also provide HIV services in Hull. 

Contact Numbers (HEY)

HIV MDT Co-ordinator:  01482 622015

HIV Specialist Pharmacist: 01482 623277    

HIV Specialist Nurse Hull & East Riding: 07827 252527

HIV Specialist Nurse Grimsby & Scunthorpe: 07554 776109

HIV Specialist Social Worker: 07803 454556 (Hull)

HIV Specialist Social Worker: 07795 815668 (East Riding)

Secretaries: 01482 622031/622267

Fax Number: 01482 622494


Contact Numbers (City Healthcare Partnership)

01482 336353 Secretary

01482 336370 Health Advising Team/HIV Nurse

01482 336336 Reception

01482 336399 Fax

Team Information

Mrs Kim Pennington, Divisional General Manager

Dr Hiten Thaker, Consultant Physician, Network Lead

Dr Kate Adams, Consultant Physician

Dr Gavin Barlow, Consultant Physician

Dr Peter Moss, Consultant Physician

Dr Annette Samson, Consultant Physician

Dr Rachel Bland, Liaison Psychologist

Sheridan Barnes, HIV Specialist Nurse

Elaine Boothby, HIV Specialist Nurse

Lorraine Cullen, HIV Specialist Pharmacist

Sarah Makey, HIV Specialist Social Worker (Hull)

Colleen Reveley, HIV Specialist Social Worker (East Riding)

Sarah Harrison, HIV MDT Coordinator



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